Complete noob to R/RStudio/tidyverse. Using R 3.4.0 "You Stupid Darkness" / RStudio 1.0.136. Trying to format y axis to display thousands to 1 decimal place. I'm using : scale_y_continuous(labels = scales::unit_format("k", 1e-3)) but displays as a whole number. How can I display 1 decimal place so instead of 30k, I get 30.1k?


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    can you add a MWE? Jun 17, 2017 at 4:27

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If you need something more flexible, I suggest using your own custom function and plugging it into scale_y_continuous like this:


# custom formatting function
scaleFUN <- function(x) sprintf("%.1fk", x/1000)

# setup diamonds dataset to display something in the thousands
diamonds2 <- diamonds
diamonds2$price <- diamonds2$price * 100

# make your plot and label using the custom scaleFUN function
ggplot(diamonds2, aes(x = carat, y = price)) + 
  geom_point() + 
  scale_y_continuous(name = 'Price ($K)', 
                     labels = scaleFUN)

According to ?scales::unit_format, you can set accuracy = 0.1:

scale_y_continuous(labels = scales::unit_format(
  unit = "k", 
  scale = 1e-3,
  accuracy = 0.1))

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