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i want to use some of the MediaPlaybackItem properties(Artist , Title etc.) and bind them in the Listbox data template.Unfortunately MediaPlaybackItem can only access the meta of a song by calling MediaPlaybackItem.GetDisplayProperties().MusicProperties.Title;

In my ListView i have bind as a ItemSource observable list of MediaPlaybackItems :

 <ListView  x:Name="SongList" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Visibility="Visible" Height="773" Background="{Binding}"
                  Opacity="0.5" SelectedValue="selectedFile"
                  ItemsSource="{Binding MediaModels.ListOfMediaPlaybackItems , Mode=TwoWay , UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}"

Then i have the ListView data template :

                    <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
                        <Border BorderBrush="#404040" BorderThickness="0,0,0,2" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch"
                                Width="282" Height="80">
                            <Grid HorizontalAlignment="Left">
                                <TextBlock Text="{Binding MusicPropertiesTitle}" TextWrapping="WrapWholeWords"
                                           Margin="82,10,10,0" />
                                <Grid Margin="0,0,-140,0">
                                    <Image Source="Images/Album.png" Width="70" Height="70" Margin="0,0,350,0" />


I cannot find a way to bind each MediaPlaybackItem's property(MediaPlaybackItems .GetDisplayProperties().MusicProperties.Title;) to the TextBlock of the DataTemplate . I hope you understand what i want! Your help is Greatly appreciated!

Best regards

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I never use mediaPlaybackItems but would load each property you want into a class and load the class into the observable collection if i understood what you want correctly. If you need help doing that let me know.

  • yeah , if it was custom class with properties, it would work , but i tried to use the already build MediaPlaybackItem :S – Chris Tanev Jun 17 '17 at 19:21
  • @ChrisTanev yeah this website has that problem, i don't understand why serious questions get down voted – Martin Nowak Jun 17 '17 at 21:21
  • @MartinNowak The site has a serious problem with low quality questions and answers. That's why we have the voting and closing system. It is meant to improve the overall quality of the site. In the case here the author already knows that data binding only works with properties. Nevertheless he asks the question again, and he even gets an answer. And a poor one, because "load each property you want into a class" doesn't make much sense. If you know how to solve a problem, it is always a goos idea to show a code example. – Clemens Jun 19 '17 at 7:38

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