I'm trying use ReactiveUI 7.4 in WPF project, and I think it's great framework. But it causes great difficulties in studying the absence, or the outdated documentation. In doc https://docs.reactiveui.net/en/user-guide/commands/asynchronous-synchronous.html says so CreateFromObservable is asynchrony, but in my example it's run syncronly.

RefreshList = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromObservable<ReactiveList<ClientDto>>(
                        () => Observable

and latter

   _isBusy = this.WhenAnyObservable(x => x.RefreshList.IsExecuting)
            .ToProperty(this, vm => vm.IsBusy);

when i do InvokeCommand method runs syncronly, and IsExecuting observe only after GetClientsList() completed (change to false and after to true). But variand with task works:

RefreshList = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromTask(async _ =>
                return await Task.Run(() => _clientsService.GetClientsList());

Is it bug? Or changes in framework? PS I also trying plays with SubscribeOn and ObservableOn but nothing helps (((.


Observable.Return() does it's work on the current thread, which means it's blocking. In your case the current thread is the UI thread.

You can specify a scheduler, but that only affects where the value is returned, not where it's produced.

I've written about Observable.Return() and how it behaves in this blog post.

It looks like _clientsService.GetClientsList() is implemented synchronously. To make it asynchronous you can move the work to the task pool. You've already done this by running it in a Task. It's also possible to use `Observable.Start()´:

RefreshList = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromObservable<ReactiveList<ClientDto>>(
                        () => Observable
                            .Start(_clientsService.GetClientsList(), RxApp.TaskpoolScheduler);

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