So I've got my artifactory, it's the oss version, and I've uploaded something named UltimateChatAPI (Yes, ultimate, don't judge, I'm not asking for this.) into libs-snapshot-local, it's the version 1.9-R0.1-SNAPSHOT and it appears to be there, I can download and view the classes' source, but when I import it into IntelliJ by it's Maven, I see the packages but I have no access to classes inside IntelliJ, this is the Maven code I use to import it:


The IP is good and the link too (used in browser, it resolves to the index where there is a downloadable copy of what I want). And the groupID and artifactID and version is as set when deploying the artifact, but it just happens I cannot use the classes, any help or tutorial to importing an Artifactory hosted artifact into IntelliJ please?..


Okay, so, I've just solved it and this is what happenned, IntelliJ cache old versions of my trials so nothing ever updated, so I went in C:/Users/Me/.m2/repository and deleted the folder with my Group ID, I reloaded the IntelliJ maven by removing the dependency and putting it back for auto import and it happenned to work!

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