I try to set up a public display on our department floor to present the current status of the Jenkin's maintained projects. Therefore I'm cycling through a session of Jenkins web pages like the Blue Ocean Pipeline overview or the detailed build history of particular pipelines.
Blue Ocean Pipeline Build History

Additionally I would like to show the detailed page of the last build step of a pipeline.
Build details of a pipeline

Unfortunately the url that is been called uses the build number which I don't have on my script side. Is there a way within Blue Ocean to call for the last detailed build page in depended of the build number. * instead of .../blue/organizations/jenkins/Playground_RTM/detail/Playground_RTM/112/pipeline * something like that .../blue/organizations/jenkins/Playground_RTM/detail/Playground_RTM/last/pipeline

Any ideas?


I could not find a direct dynamic URL in the blue ocean for the last build.

If somebody is looking for providing a quick access link, they could provide link to activity page for a particular branch in blue ocean.


Or provide the last build page URL for classic Jenkins by using the lastBuild keyword.

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