In the Erlang config documentation, it says:

When starting Erlang in embedded mode, it is assumed that exactly one system configuration file is used, named sys.config. This file is to be located in $ROOT/releases/Vsn, where $ROOT is the Erlang/OTP root installation directory and Vsn is the release version.

But I cannot find this file on my MacBook.

I am using sudo find / -name 'sys.config' but still cannot find it.


Are you starting Erlang in embedded mode? No, you do not. The second thing sys.config is expected there so you have to provide it there. If you are using erlang in interactive mode you can provide config using -config parameter to erl command. Normally Erlang can start without sys.config only using application configs. Try find /usr/lib -name '*.app'. See env option there. I recommend you to read OTP Design Principles User's Guide 8 Applications.

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