I am working on a drawing application that exports images to 150dpi jpg file currently. When these are printed they are giving the best results and the printer asked if I could provide the files in a pdf.

Is this possible directly from flash?

If I do use a php script to convert the jpg to a pdf, will that be the same quality?

Other than pdf, what other image formats could I use that might produce better results?

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Check out AlivePDF, it's ActionScript3 PDF library. Here is nice tutorials page

You should be able to preserve picture quality when converting to pdf.


What we do is scale the displayobject in flash before taking a snapshot as a Bitmap and converting to a png using pngencoder... this allows us to print at a much higher dpi and have it come out the same size (i.e. for 300dpi scale your image by 2.

  • I have tried converting to png and the encode time takes forever with large images.
    – pfunc
    Dec 16, 2010 at 21:54

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