My current Problem is: i need to be able to perform the following call: https://{Net-IP}:{Net-Port}/rest/devices/{deviceName}.{deviceID}

First of all defining a host variable such as: host: {Net-IP}:{Net-Port} is not possible.

Second, if i then try to implement the Path-Parameter in the paths such as: /devices/{deviceName}.{deviceID}/measurePoints: get: summary: Method returns list of measure points parameters: - name: deviceName in: path type: string required: true description: device Name - name: deviceID in: path type: string required: true description: device ID

then it says Path templating is not allowed.

I need this type of calls to be translated for Postman, i appreciate your help!

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Why don't you make use of environmental variables/constants etc.

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    Okay i found out how to make it: i simply take a path variable in the request (you can include only one after a '/') and then i simply map this variable on two environment variables via a pre-request script like this: postman.setEnvironmentVariable("pathVariable", environment["environmentVariable1" ]+environment["environmentVariable2"]);
    – Leo
    Jun 23, 2017 at 9:07

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