I have a simulink file, where I need to call a certain optimization function:

function u = MPC(r, x0, Thorizon, Q, W, cons)
R = [];
    for s=1:Thorizon+1
        R = vertcat(R, r);

ops = sdpsettings('solver','quadprog','verbose',0);    
U = sdpvar(Thorizon+1,1);
cost = (R - (Q*U+W*x0))'*(R-(Q*U+W*x0))+U'*U;
u = value(U);
u = u(1);

However, I'm not sure how to implement this in Simulink. I tried it with a matlab function block, but a couple of problems arise. First of all, it returns some errors like

Function 'eval' is not supported for code generation. Consider adding coder.extrinsic('eval') at the top of the function to bypass code generation.

or like

Function 'sdpsettings.m' (#103.12741.12757), line 355, column 12: "temporaryOptions" Launch diagnostic report.

It has (probably) to do with the fact that the optimizer (sdp) is an external function, one that is part of a seperately installed library.

The other possible issue, is one with the input arguments. If I were to use a Matlab function block, there would be a problem with the cons argument, one that can take inequality forms, like


The function, does however, work in the Matlab environment itself. But the output of this function, needs to be the input of a continuous non-linearm model present in simulink.

So my question is, are there any suggestions, to either: Make such function in Simulink work, like via a Matlab function block, or use the function in the matlab runtime environment itself, and send the output value repeatedly to the simulink model?

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