I have two string. and I want to display the second string from new line. But I have to use only one variable in html.

let msg = "hello"+\n+"how r u";

I have to concat two string but start the second string from new line.


Since you have not described your problem completely, one possible and simple way is to use split function.


Import DomSanitizationService.

import {DomSanitizationService} from '@angular/platform-browser';

in constructor of class do this

constructor(sanitizer: DomSanitizationService) {
    this.msg = "Hello" + "<br/>" + "How are you?";
    this.msg = this.sanitizer.bypassSecurityTrustHtml(this.msg);

Use msg in the template as shown below

<p [innerHTML]="msg"></p>

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