I need a method to generate 3D simplex noise in python rather quickly. What methods are there out there to solve this problem?

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$ pip install noise

This package is designed to give you simple to use, fast functions for generating Perlin noise in your Python programs. Perlin noise is famously called the "salt" of procedural generation, as it adds considerable flavor in its application. Noise is commonly used for imparting realism in textures, animation and other procedural content generation -- placement of hairs, heights of mountains, density of forests, waving of a flag, etc. etc.. ....

The noise library includes native-code implementations of Perlin "improved" noise and Perlin simplex noise.

Example code is included in the package, e.g. 2dtexture:

alt text


use a mod function with a suitable period. there are quite a few pages around the www explaining mod functions.

just make sure it is also suitable for 3 dimensions, some mods that are suitable for 1 or 2 dimensions may not be suitable over 3.


For more info.


It has a simple code to generate simplex noise.

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    The link is dead now so this answer is useless now :-(
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    Oct 11, 2018 at 11:14

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