Just trying to understand pact. We are using spring boot, so naturally I went to trying simple setup using pact-jvm-provider-spring-mvc. My pact file is a simple { "consumer": { "name": "MyConsumer" }, "provider": { "name": "MyProvider" }, "interactions": [ { "description": "a request for projects", "providerState": "i have a list of projects", "request": { "method": "GET", "path": "/dogs", "headers": { "Accept": "application/json" } }, "response": { "status": 200, "headers": { "Content-Type": "application/json" }, "body": [ { "dog": "1" } ] } } ], "metadata": { "pactSpecification": { "version": "2.0.0" } } } I added these dependencies to my gradle build:


testCompile group: 'com.reagroup', name: 'pact-jvm-provider-spring-mvc_2.10', version: '0.4.0' testCompile group: 'au.com.dius', name: 'pact-jvm-provider_2.10', version: '2.4.18' testCompile group: 'au.com.dius', name: 'pact-jvm-provider-junit_2.11', version: '3.4.1' ```

The test class doesn't do much, just creates a controller in spring fashion.

But what I get from running it is


org.json4s.package$MappingException: Case classes defined in function bodies are not supported.

at org.json4s.reflect.package$.fail(package.scala:96)
at org.json4s.reflect.Reflector$ClassDescriptorBuilder$$anonfun$9.apply(Reflector.scala:115)
at org.json4s.reflect.Reflector$ClassDescriptorBuilder$$anonfun$9.apply(Reflector.scala:115)
at scala.util.control.Exception$Catch$$anon$2.apply(Exception.scala:137)
at scala.util.control.Exception$Catch$$anon$2.apply(Exception.scala:135)
at scala.util.control.Exception$Catch.apply(Exception.scala:106)
at org.json4s.reflect.Reflector$ClassDescriptorBuilder.constructorsAndCompanion(Reflector.scala:115)
at org.json4s.reflect.Reflector$ClassDescriptorBuilder.result(Reflector.scala:156)
at org.json4s.reflect.Reflector$.createDescriptor(Reflector.scala:50)
at org.json4s.reflect.Reflector$$anonfun$describe$1.apply(Reflector.scala:44)
at org.json4s.reflect.Reflector$$anonfun$describe$1.apply(Reflector.scala:44)
at org.json4s.reflect.package$Memo.apply(package.scala:39)
at org.json4s.reflect.Reflector$.describe(Reflector.scala:44)
at org.json4s.Extraction$.extract(Extraction.scala:330)


It seems like a bug in the underlying jar file which is resolved. But I am just wondering if this is the right approach, can I simply bump the jar version for json4s? The pact-jvm-provider-spring-mvc is not touched in a while, and the 0.5.0 version never released. Again note that I don't need spring-mvc. I just want to test Pact against my rest api. I thought there might be another way of doing this.


Make sure the request body matches what the api expects.

I've gotten similar errors (but from jackson) when that was the case.

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