Is there any other way to initialize RestTemplate with base URI other than extending RestTemplate and overriding the execute method.currently i have the code like below.Thanks

class CustomRestTemplate extends RestTemplate {
String baseUrl

protected  T doExecute(URI url, HttpMethod method, RequestCallback requestCallback, ResponseExtractor responseExtractor) throws RestClientException {
    return super.doExecute(new URI(baseUrl + url.toString()), method, requestCallback, responseExtractor)

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Spring 5.0:

This sends a GET request to http://localhost:8080/myservice

RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate();
restTemplate.setUriTemplateHandler(new DefaultUriBuilderFactory("http://localhost:8080"));
restTemplate.getForObject("/myservice", String.class);

If you are using Spring Boot, you can use org.springframework.boot.web.client.RestTemplateBuilder.rootUri(baseUrl).build()

  • looks like it does not work when you try to update the baseUrl String using Spring's @Value
    – jcflorezr
    May 10, 2021 at 19:26

You can create your custom DefaultUriTemplateHandler

DefaultUriTemplateHandler defaultUriTemplateHandler = new DefaultUriTemplateHandler();

And then add it to restTemplate

return new RestTemplateBuilder()
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    DefaultUriTemplateHandler has been Deprecated as of 5.0 in favor of DefaultUriBuilderFactory. So we should avoid using it. Jul 31, 2019 at 9:52

Spring's RestTemplate (version 4.2.0.RELEASE) support a method named setUriTemplateHandler. If this is never set, it contains a DefaultUriTemplateHandler

DefaultUriTemplateHandler supports a method named 'setBaseUrl`

So, you can set the base URL there.


AFAIK there is no way other than what you have listed above

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