I get this error after I run ionic in command prompt, and the problem persists until I remove ~/.ionic/config.json, but a while later it begins to show this error message again. how do I really get rid of this? (Windows 10 user)

this is the content of config.json:

  "lastCommand": "2017-06-21T14:57:29.860Z",
  "urls": {
    "api": "https://api.ionic.io",
    "dash": "https://apps.ionic.io"
  "user": {},
  "tokens": {
    "appUser": {},
    "telemetry": "501f31d8-48d1-4cd0-9919-68ccb7b1e30a"
  "cliFlags": {
    "confirm": false,
    "interactive": true,
    "telemetry": true,
    "yarn": false

I realized that only "lastCommand" is changed during every execution of ionic and overall, I've monitored it through git and reverted back to the last working config file that wasn't helpful.

the content of ionic.config.json:

  "name": "restaurant",
  "app_id": "",
  "type": "ionic-angular"
  • could you please add the content of your ionic.config.json file? – sebaferreras Jun 22 '17 at 7:12

Open your config file in Notepad++ and check the encoding format. The encoding format should be UTF-8 and nothing else, not even UTF-8 BOM. If it is, change it to UTF-8. save file and try running it again. Hope it helps. This mostly happen when you edit json files in notepad.

Note: DO NOT USE Notepad to do the above steps, as notepad considers UTF_8 and UTF-8-BOM as same.

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