I am having issues trying to use the variable substitution with the typesafehub ConfigFactory fileParser

my code is

Configuration(ConfigFactory.parseFile(new File("/Users/TDong/files/app.conf")).resolve())

and my app.conf file contains

path = ${java.home}

on every resolve I cannot resolve that variable with variable substitution to find the java system property home. Any ideas how to make this work


To get advantage of the overriding features you need to stick with ConfigFactory.load() or deal yourself with merging configuration through the Config#withFallback method. In fact this is how ConfigFactory#load() works.


The convenience method ConfigFactory.load() loads the following (first-listed are higher priority):

  • system properties application.conf (all resources on classpath with this name)
  • application.json (all resources on classpath with this name)
  • application.properties (all resources on classpath with this name)
  • reference.conf (all resources on classpath with this name)

IMHO you should rely on the default behaviour and use -Dconfig.file=/path/to/your.conf to pass files as arguments to your application.

I highly recommed to go through the documentation that is very well written.


At path = ${java.home} you are referring to other value under java.home in the same configuration file. In order to override value you should run your application with

java -jar -Djava.home=VALUE your_jar.jar

or using some tool that allows you to pass arguments.

If you want to set this value by System.setProperty() than you need to set it up before loading configuration file.

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