I am trying to use Sphinx to create simple documentation for a python module. The first time I ran it, it worked fine. Now I have made some updates to the module, and rerunning the documentation commands:

$ sphinx-apidoc -P -F -f -e -o . /path/to/module $ make html it always uses the old version of the python module code. I have tried deleting the entire docs directory, moving the module, rechecking it out, updating sphinx - nothing works.

The old code is still being reused and cached somewhere. It is driving me absolutely insane.


Because Sphinx imports the module, it does not seem to find the local copy, but rather imports the older version already installed on my system, and uses that to generate the docs. Running python setup.py install, and then regenerating everything finally worked.

  • Have you tried using tox? We use it for projects under the Pylons Project for running tests under multiple versions of Python and building docs. For example, tox -e docs will install Pyramid into a virtual environment, then build its docs. Check out Pyramid's HACKING.txt and tox.ini for more example usage and configuration. Jun 22 '17 at 8:43

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