I need to insert a space after every character of a string.

i.e. String name = "Joe";

should become: "J o e"


Shorter would be using a regex:

System.out.println("Joe".replaceAll(".(?!$)", "$0 "));

Something like:

String joe = "Joe";
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

for (char c: joe.toCharArray()) {
   sb.append(c).append(" ");

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    A slight optimization: sb.setLength(sb.length() > 0 ? sb.length() - 1 : 0).toString(); i.e. trim the builder, not the result. – Karl Knechtel Dec 17 '10 at 11:34

This will space out all letters in each word and not between words

"Joe Black".replaceAll("\\B", " ") -> "J o e B l a c k"

This will put space for each character (including original spaces)

"Joe Black".replaceAll("\\B|\\b", " ") -> " J o e  B l a c k "
char[] stringArray = strOrig.toCharArray(); 
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

for(int index=0; index < stringArray.length; index++) {
   sb.append(" ");

You can convert Joe to char[] by using String's toCharArray() then traverse char[] to grab the char into another char[] and as you add the char to the second char[], you add a space character '" "'. Set a if-else within the loop to detect the last character so that you wouldn't add a space character by accident behind the last character. Use a String to valueOf() the resulting char[] to turn it into a String object.


Removing the final space:

String joe = "Joe"; 
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); 
String sep = "";
for (char c: joe.toCharArray()) { 
    sep = " ";


For Android & Kotlin users, if you want to add space after every X characters then use this

val stringWithSpaceAfterEvery4Chars = stringWith16Chars?.replace("....".toRegex(), "$0 ")

Here I added 4 dots in method to add space after every 4th character in my whole string. If you want space after every 2 characters then add only 2 dots in the method.

My variables:

stringWith16Chars = "123456789012"

and the output would be,

stringWithSpaceAfterEvery4Chars = "1234 5678 9012"

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