Whenever I run "ng new ProjectName" CLI command it takes couple of minutes to create the project.

Is there a faster way to create a project like copying an existing project and changing some parameters? As far as I understand ng new downloads lots of modules.

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    there are actually a good number of dependencies. What you are looking for is called a "boilerplate" (a basic project that can be run and gives something like "hello, this a app"). Probably, this boilerplate doesn't include the packages, on ly the reference. You will have to do something like npm install to get the required dependencies, and think it should take some time too, if you don't have a high capacity internet access. But anyway, you can try other, and maybe simpler, boilerplates than the one created by angular CLI.
    – Pac0
    Jun 22 '17 at 14:36

You can keep an original/unmodified as a template:

ng new AngularCLITemplate

and when you build future projects you can skip installing node_modules:

ng new --skip-install true NewProjectName

then copy and paste your node_modules folder from the template into your new project. Afterward you'll want to npm install:

cd NewProjectName && npm install to make sure it caches the npm module locations.

It will be close to the same time to build a new project, since downloading the node_modules doesn't take as much time as simply writing them to the disk during installation (which the copy/paste will have to do), but it might save a minute or two on an older machine or slower internet.

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    Thanks for this though copying node_modules took 4 minutes.
    – Salim
    Jun 22 '17 at 15:05
  • here is a trick, once you have a fresh copy zip node_modules folder, and unzip it in new project, though unzipping would still take some time, but is faster compared to copy/paste. for even better performance use 7zip or winrar.
    – Shubanker
    Mar 22 '18 at 9:41
  • "slower internet" can be very daunting with a rural satellite with 20GB data cap for decent speed. And then, we don't want to spend 300MB of duplicate download per project
    – brasofilo
    Dec 13 '21 at 2:10

hi bro this is because angular cli installs the dependencies running

npm install 

but to make it faster you can use yarn.

If you haven't installed yet

npm install -g yarn

this use npm, other ways of installing in the following link.


ng new --skip-install true NewProjectName // will avoid npm install 

ng set --global packageManager=yarn

using yarn will decrease your speed at least by half, if you want to get back to npm.

ng set --global packageManager=npm
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    I guess you mean that yarn will increase the speed for project creation by half. Feb 26 '19 at 5:12

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