I'm using PyQt5 to make a UI to a project.

I want to change the value of a label when the user changes the value of a combo box.

Can anyone help me to find out wich method to use to 'trigger' the function that changes the value of the label ?


If you mean the signal of combo box, when it's value changed, you can use




Everytime a combobox is changed by user, these signals will be triggered.

Suppose cb_1 is your combobox a simple function in you parent/widget class like

def on_combobox_changed(self, value):
    print("combobox changed", value)
    # do your code



try to change the combobox and see what will happen

  • Thank you very much ! It worked. I just had to add a to the signal. It ended like : self.comboBox.currentIndexChanged.connect(self.on_combobox_changed, self.comboBox.currentIndex()) – Mario Campos Jun 22 '17 at 21:26

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