I have an EditText and I try to change the caption of the return key show on the virtual keyboard like this :

editText.setImeActionLabel("GO", IME_ACTION_GO);

But strangely i have always the caption "DONE" ?

What did i miss ?

  • Did you try in xml? android:imeOptions – Connecting life with Android Jun 22 '17 at 20:02
  • no, i can't because i create the editText dynamically ... – loki Jun 22 '17 at 20:03
  • try this mEditText.setImeActionLabel("Custom text", KeyEvent.KEYCODE_ENTER); – Connecting life with Android Jun 22 '17 at 20:13
  • not work :( i still have the text : "done" :( – loki Jun 22 '17 at 20:32

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