I need to scan a credit card and get details like Card Holder name, CVV, Expiry Date and Card Number etc. I had tried with card.io library but I am only able to fetch expiry date and card number. Can anyone suggest me any other library or other useful resources?

  • as mentioned @san88 you should use Pay.cards (github.com/faceterteam/PayCards_Android) its the same team as card.io (you can get it if investigated card.io source code), but more fresh sdk – Mykola Tychyna Sep 9 at 7:48
  • @MykolaTychyna but what happened with card.io? – khex Oct 17 at 9:48
  • @khex card.io is closed project for last 3 years, with issues and limited recognize possibilities, paycard is up to day, supported and work much better and faster – Mykola Tychyna Oct 22 at 13:07

Try this lib.

Accept card payments for your application in the easiest and interactive way for consumers. 20 minutes integration, to add easy customer payments to your solution.

Pay cards

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