I want test if a String1 start by a string2 in PHP

I found this question: How to check if a string starts with a specified string

But I want do it inside an if condition - not in a function. I did it like this but I'm not sure:

if(startsWith($type_price,"repair")) {

do something


Can you please correct me if it's false?

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    You can perform any operation you like in an if statement. So you can just aswell use substr() as in your linked example in your if condition.
    – Xatenev
    Jun 23, 2017 at 12:58
  • PHP 8.0 introduces new methods for this job str_starts_with: stackoverflow.com/a/64160081/7082164
    – JSowa
    Oct 1, 2020 at 17:09

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Using strpos function can be achieved.

if (strpos($yourString, "repair") === 0) {
    //Starts with it

Using substr can work too:

if (substr($yourstring, 0, strlen($startString)) === $startString) {
    //It starts with desired string

For multi-byte strings, consider using functions with mb_ prefix, so mb_substr, mb_strlen, etc.

if (substr($string,0,strlen($stringToSearchFor)) == $stringToSearchFor) {
     // the string starts with the string you're looking for
} else {
     // the string does NOT start with the string you're looking for

As of PHP 8.0 there is method str_starts_with implemented:

if (str_starts_with($type_price, "repair")) {
    //do something

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