I have Jmeter while loop having regular expression extractor as post processor

Regular expression variable reference name is : CFM It extracts: (<\S+\s\S+)(\s+)(.*?hv_saw_)(.*?label1)("\s+\w+=")(Current Fiscal YTD)(.*?>)

$4$ value is .*?label1
$6$  value is Current Fiscal YTD

Now I want to use $4 and $6 template in while loop but not able to do so..

Here is what i am doing:

While loop :${__javaScript((${CFY_g4}.match(/.*?label1/) != "$4",))}

I want unless my $4 template .match or .contains while loop continues to run

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I researched further and came across Mozilla developers website that answers my questionrealted to fidning start and end of my variables. here is what i did:

My Javascript code inside while loop for $4 and $6 template:

${__javaScript(! "${CFY_g4}".endsWith('label1') || (! "${CFY_g6}".match('Current Fiscal YTD')) )}

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