I'm fresh in webos development, I'm trying to open home screen (picture attached at the end) once user press back on my application home page. The issue is I'm not able to find an example for this by googling. I have as an example how to increase volume up:

webOS.service.request("luna://com.webos.audio", {
            method: "volumeUp",
            onComplete: function (inResponse) {

            onFailure: function (inError) {


I checked all luna services but didn't find a hint for triggering home screen. Please help me in this. Thanks in advance. enter image description here

update: in case it's not possible to find out a straightforward way, is there any way to trigger keypress event to host system? where I will send smart key ID.

  • any idea or at least a direction to dig after? – rramiii Jun 24 '17 at 22:54

For Reference, you can use this link to perform the required. it has all the needed info.

1- downlaod webOs.js file from here

2- include it in your application

3- you can use any of the explained methods in the link, for me I did the following:

  • set disableBackHistoryAPI to true in appinfo.json disableBackHistoryAPI: true;
  • on you home screen you can use the following call in your back function:


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