I want to build a dictionary or something for the replace function to look up and replace each string throughout an entire column respectively. For example if the replace function finds the characters 'Drive', 'Dr', 'DRIVE', or 'Dr.', I would like all of those to be replaced by 'DR' and all the other street endings.


'123 Alabama Drive',
'12 Florida Str',
'10 10th Dr.'

replaced with

'10 10TH DR'
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    What is the question?
    – EFT
    Jun 23, 2017 at 16:04
  • is this possible, if so how?
    – Cody
    Jun 23, 2017 at 16:07
  • There are plenty of examples on line showing how to set up a dictionary for value correspondence. How do these not give you enough of a starting point to write any code?
    – Prune
    Jun 23, 2017 at 16:34

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See this function for starting point. As MShaw notes, left unmodified, it will return some undesired results in cases like '123 portland port, as it would abbreviate to '123 prtland prt', etc.

def normalizeStreetSuffixes(inputValue,case='u'):
        if case=='l', returns lowercase
        if case=='u', returns uppercase
        else returns proper case
        case = case[0].lower()
        abbv = suffixDict()
        words = inputValue.split()
        for i,word in enumerate(words):
            w = word.lower()
            rep = abbv[w] if w in abbv.keys() else words[i]
            words[i] = rep.upper() if case == 'u' else rep.lower() if case == 'l' else (rep[0].upper() + rep[1:])
        return ' '.join(words)

def suffixDict():
    Use common abbreviations -> USPS standardized abbreviation to replace common street suffixes

    Obtains list from https://www.usps.com/send/official-abbreviations.htm
    return {'trpk': 'tpke', 'forges': 'frgs', 'bypas': 'byp', 'mnr': 'mnr', 'viaduct': 'via', 'mnt': 'mt',
            'lndng': 'lndg', 'vill': 'vlg', 'aly': 'aly', 'mill': 'ml', 'pts': 'pts', 'centers': 'ctrs', 'row': 'row', 'cnter': 'ctr',
            'hrbor': 'hbr', 'tr': 'trl', 'lndg': 'lndg', 'passage': 'psge', 'walks': 'walk', 'frks': 'frks', 'crest': 'crst', 'meadows': 'mdws',
            'freewy': 'fwy', 'garden': 'gdn', 'bluffs': 'blfs', 'vlg': 'vlg', 'vly': 'vly', 'fall': 'fall', 'trk': 'trak', 'squares': 'sqs',
            'trl': 'trl', 'harbor': 'hbr', 'frry': 'fry', 'div': 'dv', 'straven': 'stra', 'cmp': 'cp', 'grdns': 'gdns', 'villg': 'vlg',
            'meadow': 'mdw', 'trails': 'trl', 'streets': 'sts', 'prairie': 'pr', 'hts': 'hts', 'crescent': 'cres', 'pass': 'pass',
            'ter': 'ter', 'port': 'prt', 'bluf': 'blf', 'avnue': 'ave', 'lights': 'lgts', 'rpds': 'rpds', 'harbors': 'hbrs',
            'mews': 'mews', 'lodg': 'ldg', 'plz': 'plz', 'tracks': 'trak', 'path': 'path', 'pkway': 'pkwy', 'gln': 'gln',
            'bot': 'btm', 'drv': 'dr', 'rdg': 'rdg', 'fwy': 'fwy', 'hbr': 'hbr', 'via': 'via', 'divide': 'dv', 'inlt': 'inlt',
            'fords': 'frds', 'avenu': 'ave', 'vis': 'vis', 'brk': 'brk', 'rivr': 'riv', 'oval': 'oval', 'gateway': 'gtwy',
            'stream': 'strm', 'bayoo': 'byu', 'msn': 'msn', 'knoll': 'knl', 'expressway': 'expy', 'sprng': 'spg',
            'flat': 'flt', 'holw': 'holw', 'grden': 'gdn', 'trail': 'trl', 'jctns': 'jcts', 'rdgs': 'rdgs',
            'tunnel': 'tunl', 'ml': 'ml', 'fls': 'fls', 'flt': 'flt', 'lks': 'lks', 'mt': 'mt', 'groves': 'grvs',
            'vally': 'vly', 'ferry': 'fry', 'parkway': 'pkwy', 'radiel': 'radl', 'strvnue': 'stra', 'fld': 'fld',
            'overpass': 'opas', 'plaza': 'plz', 'estate': 'est', 'mntn': 'mtn', 'lock': 'lck', 'orchrd': 'orch',
            'strvn': 'stra', 'locks': 'lcks', 'bend': 'bnd', 'kys': 'kys', 'junctions': 'jcts', 'mountin': 'mtn',
            'burgs': 'bgs', 'pine': 'pne', 'ldge': 'ldg', 'causway': 'cswy', 'spg': 'spg', 'beach': 'bch', 'ft': 'ft',
            'crse': 'crse', 'motorway': 'mtwy', 'bluff': 'blf', 'court': 'ct', 'grov': 'grv', 'sprngs': 'spgs',
            'ovl': 'oval', 'villag': 'vlg', 'vdct': 'via', 'neck': 'nck', 'orchard': 'orch', 'light': 'lgt',
            'sq': 'sq', 'pkwy': 'pkwy', 'shore': 'shr', 'green': 'grn', 'strm': 'strm', 'islnd': 'is',
            'turnpike': 'tpke', 'stra': 'stra', 'mission': 'msn', 'spngs': 'spgs', 'course': 'crse',
            'trafficway': 'trfy', 'terrace': 'ter', 'hway': 'hwy', 'avenue': 'ave', 'glen': 'gln',
            'boul': 'blvd', 'inlet': 'inlt', 'la': 'ln', 'ln': 'ln', 'frst': 'frst', 'clf': 'clf',
            'cres': 'cres', 'brook': 'brk', 'lk': 'lk', 'byp': 'byp', 'shoar': 'shr', 'bypass': 'byp',
            'mtin': 'mtn', 'ally': 'aly', 'forest': 'frst', 'junction': 'jct', 'views': 'vws', 'wells': 'wls', 'cen': 'ctr',
            'exts': 'exts', 'crt': 'ct', 'corners': 'cors', 'trak': 'trak', 'frway': 'fwy', 'prarie': 'pr', 'crossing': 'xing',
            'extn': 'ext', 'cliffs': 'clfs', 'manors': 'mnrs', 'ports': 'prts', 'gatewy': 'gtwy', 'square': 'sq', 'hls': 'hls',
            'harb': 'hbr', 'loops': 'loop', 'mdw': 'mdw', 'smt': 'smt', 'rd': 'rd', 'hill': 'hl', 'blf': 'blf',
            'highway': 'hwy', 'walk': 'walk', 'clfs': 'clfs', 'brooks': 'brks', 'brnch': 'br', 'aven': 'ave',
            'shores': 'shrs', 'iss': 'iss', 'route': 'rte', 'wls': 'wls', 'place': 'pl', 'sumit': 'smt', 'pines': 'pnes',
            'trks': 'trak', 'shoal': 'shl', 'strt': 'st', 'frwy': 'fwy', 'heights': 'hts', 'ranches': 'rnch',
            'boulevard': 'blvd', 'extnsn': 'ext', 'mdws': 'mdws', 'hollows': 'holw', 'vsta': 'vis', 'plains': 'plns',
            'station': 'sta', 'circl': 'cir', 'mntns': 'mtns', 'prts': 'prts', 'shls': 'shls', 'villages': 'vlgs',
            'park': 'park', 'nck': 'nck', 'rst': 'rst', 'haven': 'hvn', 'turnpk': 'tpke', 'expy': 'expy', 'sta': 'sta',
            'expr': 'expy', 'stn': 'sta', 'expw': 'expy', 'street': 'st', 'str': 'st', 'spurs': 'spur', 'crecent': 'cres',
            'rad': 'radl', 'ranch': 'rnch', 'well': 'wl', 'shoals': 'shls', 'alley': 'aly', 'plza': 'plz', 'medows': 'mdws',
            'allee': 'aly', 'knls': 'knls', 'ests': 'ests', 'st': 'st', 'anx': 'anx', 'havn': 'hvn', 'paths': 'path', 'bypa': 'byp',
            'spgs': 'spgs', 'mills': 'mls', 'parks': 'park', 'byps': 'byp', 'flts': 'flts', 'tunnels': 'tunl', 'club': 'clb', 'sqrs': 'sqs',
            'hllw': 'holw', 'manor': 'mnr', 'centre': 'ctr', 'track': 'trak', 'hgts': 'hts', 'rnch': 'rnch', 'crcle': 'cir', 'falls': 'fls',
            'landing': 'lndg', 'plaines': 'plns', 'viadct': 'via', 'gdns': 'gdns', 'gtwy': 'gtwy', 'grove': 'grv', 'camp': 'cp', 'tpk': 'tpke',
            'drive': 'dr', 'freeway': 'fwy', 'ext': 'ext', 'points': 'pts', 'exp': 'expy', 'ky': 'ky', 'courts': 'cts', 'pky': 'pkwy', 'corner': 'cor',
            'crssing': 'xing', 'mnrs': 'mnrs', 'unions': 'uns', 'cyn': 'cyn', 'lodge': 'ldg', 'trfy': 'trfy', 'circle': 'cir', 'bridge': 'brg',
            'dl': 'dl', 'dm': 'dm', 'express': 'expy', 'tunls': 'tunl', 'dv': 'dv', 'dr': 'dr', 'shr': 'shr', 'knolls': 'knls', 'greens': 'grns',
            'tunel': 'tunl', 'fields': 'flds', 'common': 'cmn', 'orch': 'orch', 'crk': 'crk', 'river': 'riv', 'shl': 'shl', 'view': 'vw',
            'crsent': 'cres', 'rnchs': 'rnch', 'crscnt': 'cres', 'arc': 'arc', 'btm': 'btm', 'blvd': 'blvd', 'ways': 'ways', 'radl': 'radl',
            'rdge': 'rdg', 'causeway': 'cswy', 'parkwy': 'pkwy', 'juncton': 'jct', 'statn': 'sta', 'gardn': 'gdn', 'mntain': 'mtn',
            'crssng': 'xing', 'rapid': 'rpd', 'key': 'ky', 'plns': 'plns', 'wy': 'way', 'cor': 'cor', 'ramp': 'ramp', 'throughway': 'trwy',
            'estates': 'ests', 'ck': 'crk', 'loaf': 'lf', 'hvn': 'hvn', 'wall': 'wall', 'hollow': 'holw', 'canyon': 'cyn', 'clb': 'clb',
            'cswy': 'cswy', 'village': 'vlg', 'cr': 'crk', 'trce': 'trce', 'cp': 'cp', 'cv': 'cv', 'ct': 'cts', 'pr': 'pr', 'frg': 'frg',
            'jction': 'jct', 'pt': 'pt', 'mssn': 'msn', 'frk': 'frk', 'brdge': 'brg', 'cent': 'ctr', 'spur': 'spur', 'frt': 'ft', 'pk': 'park',
            'fry': 'fry', 'pl': 'pl', 'lanes': 'ln', 'gtway': 'gtwy', 'prk': 'park', 'vws': 'vws', 'stravenue': 'stra', 'lgt': 'lgt',
            'hiway': 'hwy', 'ctr': 'ctr', 'prt': 'prt', 'ville': 'vl', 'plain': 'pln', 'mount': 'mt', 'mls': 'mls', 'loop': 'loop',
            'riv': 'riv', 'centr': 'ctr', 'is': 'is', 'prr': 'pr', 'vl': 'vl', 'avn': 'ave', 'vw': 'vw', 'ave': 'ave', 'spng': 'spg',
            'hiwy': 'hwy', 'dam': 'dm', 'isle': 'isle', 'crcl': 'cir', 'sqre': 'sq', 'jct': 'jct', 'jctn': 'jct', 'mountain': 'mtn',
            'keys': 'kys', 'parkways': 'pkwy', 'drives': 'drs', 'tunl': 'tunl', 'jcts': 'jcts', 'knl': 'knl', 'center': 'ctr',
            'driv': 'dr', 'tpke': 'tpke', 'sumitt': 'smt', 'canyn': 'cyn', 'ldg': 'ldg', 'harbr': 'hbr', 'rest': 'rst', 'shoars': 'shrs',
            'vist': 'vis', 'gdn': 'gdn', 'islnds': 'iss', 'hills': 'hls', 'cresent': 'cres', 'point': 'pt', 'lake': 'lk', 'vlly': 'vly',
            'strav': 'stra', 'crossroad': 'xrd', 'bnd': 'bnd', 'strave': 'stra', 'stravn': 'stra', 'knol': 'knl', 'vlgs': 'vlgs',
            'forge': 'frg', 'cntr': 'ctr', 'cape': 'cpe', 'height': 'hts', 'lck': 'lck', 'highwy': 'hwy', 'trnpk': 'tpke', 'rpd': 'rpd',
            'boulv': 'blvd', 'circles': 'cirs', 'valleys': 'vlys', 'vst': 'vis', 'creek': 'crk', 'mall': 'mall', 'spring': 'spg',
            'brg': 'brg', 'holws': 'holw', 'lf': 'lf', 'est': 'est', 'xing': 'xing', 'trace': 'trce', 'bottom': 'btm',
            'streme': 'strm', 'isles': 'isle', 'circ': 'cir', 'forks': 'frks', 'burg': 'bg', 'run': 'run', 'trls': 'trl',
            'radial': 'radl', 'lakes': 'lks', 'rue': 'rue', 'vlys': 'vlys', 'br': 'br', 'cors': 'cors', 'pln': 'pln',
            'pike': 'pike', 'extension': 'ext', 'island': 'is', 'frd': 'frd', 'lcks': 'lcks', 'terr': 'ter',
            'union': 'un', 'extensions': 'exts', 'pkwys': 'pkwy', 'islands': 'iss', 'road': 'rd', 'shrs': 'shrs',
            'roads': 'rds', 'glens': 'glns', 'springs': 'spgs', 'missn': 'msn', 'ridge': 'rdg', 'arcade': 'arc',
            'bayou': 'byu', 'crsnt': 'cres', 'junctn': 'jct', 'way': 'way', 'valley': 'vly', 'fork': 'frk',
            'mountains': 'mtns', 'bottm': 'btm', 'forg': 'frg', 'ht': 'hts', 'ford': 'frd', 'hl': 'hl',
            'grdn': 'gdn', 'fort': 'ft', 'traces': 'trce', 'cnyn': 'cyn', 'cir': 'cir', 'un': 'un', 'mtn': 'mtn',
            'flats': 'flts', 'anex': 'anx', 'gatway': 'gtwy', 'rapids': 'rpds', 'villiage': 'vlg', 'flds': 'flds',
            'coves': 'cvs', 'rvr': 'riv', 'av': 'ave', 'pikes': 'pike', 'grv': 'grv', 'vista': 'vis', 'pnes': 'pnes',
            'forests': 'frst', 'field': 'fld', 'branch': 'br', 'grn': 'grn', 'dale': 'dl', 'rds': 'rds', 'annex': 'anx',
            'sqr': 'sq', 'cove': 'cv', 'squ': 'sq', 'skyway': 'skwy', 'ridges': 'rdgs', 'hwy': 'hwy', 'tunnl': 'tunl',
            'underpass': 'upas', 'cliff': 'clf', 'lane': 'ln', 'land': 'land', 'bch': 'bch', 'dvd': 'dv', 'curve': 'curv',
            'cpe': 'cpe', 'summit': 'smt', 'gardens': 'gdns'}


>>> map(normalizeStreetSuffixes,adds)
['123 ALABAMA DR', '12 FLORIDA ST', '10 10TH DR.', '5638 PORTLAND PRT']

>>> map(normalizeStreetSuffixes,adds,repeat('l', len(adds)))
['123 alabama dr', '12 florida st', '10 10th dr.', '5638 portland prt']

>>> map(normalizeStreetSuffixes,adds,repeat('p', len(adds)))
['123 Alabama Dr', '12 Florida St', '10 10th Dr.', '5638 Portland Prt']
  • Might want to join the array of words before returning? return ' '.join(inputValue)
    – M. Shaw
    Jun 23, 2017 at 16:24
  • @M.Shaw shouldn't be necessary inputValue taken as a string and returned as a string. Jun 23, 2017 at 16:27
  • Oh wait I thought you were replacing split words in the array. If you directly replace substrings in the original string, you might end up having Portland Port becoming PRTLAND PRT, which is probably incorrect.
    – M. Shaw
    Jun 23, 2017 at 16:35
  • @M.Shaw nope, it's splitting the input string to list, then taking each word individiually. Jun 23, 2017 at 16:36
  • You are replacing every occurrence of the key in the original string by the value in the mapping. See this.
    – M. Shaw
    Jun 23, 2017 at 16:38

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