I'm trying to create my own Jenkins image that skips the wizard and sets the admin password via an environment variable.

I tried setting the state to disable it (taken from the Mesosphere Jenkins service) but that didn't work:

# disable first-run wizard
RUN echo 2.0 > ${JENKINS_STAGING}/jenkins.install.UpgradeWizard.state

How can I skip the wizard and set the admin password via a variable instead of the password being auto-generated?


The correct way to set the admin password is to start Jenkins with parameters:

java ${JVM_OPTS}                                \
 -Dhudson.udp=-1                                 \
 -Djava.awt.headless=true                        \
 -Dhudson.DNSMultiCast.disabled=true             \
 -Djenkins.install.runSetupWizard=false          \
 -jar ${JENKINS_FOLDER}/jenkins.war              \
 ${JENKINS_OPTS}                                 \
 --httpPort=${PORT1}                             \
 --webroot=${JENKINS_FOLDER}/war                 \
 --ajp13Port=-1                                  \
 --httpListenAddress=                  \
 --ajp13ListenAddress=                 \
 --argumentsRealm.passwd.admin=${PASSWORD}       \
 --argumentsRealm.roles.user=admin               \
 --argumentsRealm.roles.admin=admin               \

In this case the --argumentsRealm* parameters are the most important as they set the role and the password for admin.

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