I have a site using CodeIgniter that is almost complete now. My problem is that, even though I have implemented sessions and maintain a login system, a person can access any page by typing the URL into the browser address bar.

I have implemented the session for patient registration like this:

function index(){

function log_out(){

function is_logged_in(){
    $is_logged_in = $this->session->userdata('is_logged_in');

    if(!isset($is_logged_in)||$is_logged_in!= TRUE ){

Anonymous users can't acess the system just by typing the controller name like this:


But they can do it like this:


Person can't access by typing the controller name, but can enter the system by typing a longer url than the controller, like the one shown above.

What is the problem here? What are the possible solutions??

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Sounds like a routing problem. You need to set up your routes to make the second case illegal or at least map to the same controller as the first case. More on routing here.

You will have to implement a login check in the controller's constructor.

Whenever the controller is called, it should check if the user is logged in - if they are not, redirect to a login page or an error page.

  • Second this. Put the logic in the controller's constructor...no need to make unique rules for all possible routes. – treeface Dec 17 '10 at 18:33

To confirm if it is entering the login check put an echo and exit inside the is_logged_in() function and check if it appears in case of http://localhost/demo_site/index.php/register_controller/search_patient

You are probably doing login check in your respective modules and thus you missed for some cases.

It is better to define a set of private modules (say in an array) and do the login check in the frontcontroller itself (in one place) instead of repeatedly in module level.

I agree with tHeSiD. This code should go in the constructor. Ideally in a base class which you use to extend all admin related or restricted classes with. Normally I use an Admin_Controller base class that extends CI_Controller (2.0) or Controller (1.7.x) and then create my application controllers by extending the Admin Controller.

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