i know this might be basic but i have no clue why this is happening. I tried putting a video in HelloWorldScene.cpp, just to try it out, using experimental::ui::VideoPlayer like seen here.

Here is an image of error: http://i.imgur.com/z1NcqH1.png I watched a video tutorial and it worked fine for him. Thanks in advance!

#include "HelloWorldScene.h"
#include "cocostudio/CocoStudio.h"
#include "ui/CocosGUI.h"


//using namespace cocostudio::timeline;

Scene* HelloWorld::createScene()
// 'scene' is an autorelease object
auto scene = Scene::create();

// 'layer' is an autorelease object
auto layer = HelloWorld::create();

// add layer as a child to scene

// return the scene
return scene;

// on "init" you need to initialize your instance
bool HelloWorld::init()
// 1. super init first
if ( !Layer::init() )
    return false;

auto rootNode = CSLoader::createNode("MainScene.csb");


const cocos2d::Size visibleSize(cocos2d::Director::getInstance()->getVisibleSize());
cocos2d::experimental::ui::VideoPlayer testvideo = cocos2d::experimental::ui::VideoPlayer::create();
testvideo->setPosition(visibleSize / 2);

        return true;

VideoPlayer not supported on all platform.

If you're running on Xcode, Make sure you're selected Test-mobile schemes instead of Test-desktop

Otherwise use platform preprocessor


    cocos2d::experimental::ui::VideoPlayer* testvideo = cocos2d::experimental::ui::VideoPlayer::create();
    testvideo->setPosition(Vec2(origin.x + visibleSize.width/2,
                                origin.y + visibleSize.height/2));


You can't play youtube video inside your app by streaming, It's not allowed. It is against Terms of Service to play a video outside of an official YouTube video player. Only flash/html player in a browser or the player included in the Android YouTube API are allowed.

check this discussion for more detail.

  • Youtube link is irrelevant, i noticed it after i posted i need a direct link to the file. And i'm trying to run it on Win32 using Visual Studio. Problem is recognizing ui as a namaspace in cocos2d::experimental::ui::VideoPlayer – Brigapes Jun 29 '17 at 7:38
  • I got youtube link in your question so i supposed you want to play youtube video, so i posted a suggestion link. and you can't play video on Win32 platform, currently not supported – Aryan Jun 29 '17 at 7:41
  • Yeah sorry about the confusion, so it's not possible to play a video on win32 platform? Is there a way to play a video on windows platform using C++? I just really can't find it anywhere other than the method shown above. – Brigapes Jun 29 '17 at 7:52

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