I'm using Nuxt.js for building a static website.

How to access in component's script code currently displayed route name (I would like to avoid reading direct url from browser location)?

Can I somehow access $route.name ?

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    Yes you should be able to access it in component in way like this.$route.name – Belmin Bedak Jun 25 '17 at 19:44

yes you can use vuejs route objects like $route.name or $route.path


return current path


The name of the current route, if it has one.

Route Object Properties

A route object represents the state of the current active route. It contains parsed information of the current URL and the route records matched by the URL.

  • $route.path

    • type: string

    • A string that equals the path of the current route, always resolved as an absolute path. e.g. "/foo/bar".

  • $route.fullPath

    • type: string

    • The full resolved URL including query and hash.


And if you want to get the url params. Like this : enter image description here You do this:

  data() {
    return {
       zone: this.$nuxt.$route.query.zone,
       jour: this.$nuxt.$route.query.jour

    }   },


  • My URL contains some characters after a hash sign. Not path nor name returns the value after # /my/url/#somemore only /my/url/ is returned – Arman Fatahi Aug 16 '18 at 11:22

An alternative way is to use either of the following:

  • this.$route.path → Example on http://localhost:3000 , {{this.$route.path}} will print /
  • this.$route.name → Example on http://localhost:3000, {{this.$route.name}} will print index

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