Setting up a search that can have multiple optional filters.

$sql = "SELECT *
        FROM table 
        WHERE title = :title 
        AND filter1 = :filter1 
        AND filter2 = :filter2 
        AND filter3 = :filter3";
$query = $dbc->prepare($sql);
             ':title' => $title, 
             ':filter1' => $filter1,
             ':filter2' => $filter2, 
             ':filter3' => $filter3

This issue is sometime the filter variables will be empty. If the filter is empty then any value should work. I have tried setting the empty filters to a wildcard (%) but that doesn't seem to work.

if(empty($filter1)) $filter1 = '%';
  • In this case a SQL QueryBuilder could be a good choice.
    – odan
    Jun 25 '17 at 21:34

You need to conditionally add them to your SQL and to your SQLDATA in the execute().

$filters = array(
  ':filter1': $filter1, 
  ':filter2': $filter2, 
  ':filter3': $filter3
$sql = "SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE title = :title";
$sqldata = array(
  ':title' => $title
foreach ($filters as $key => $value) {
  $sql .= " AND $key=$value";
  $sqldata[$key] => $value;
$query = $dbc->prepare($sql);

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