Im currently using Newman for automatically testing my Rest-API calls.

The problem is i can run all my tests in Postman without any problems, using the certificates (.pem and pkcs8) for ssl authorization within Postman is also not a problem. But when i try to load a Collection into Newman on the command-line, i cannot run the tests because the certificates - which are recommended correctly in Postman are not recommended corretly in Newman.

if i run:

newman run postman_collection.json --ssl-client-cert cert.pfx --ssl-client-passphrase passphrase

Then no request is executed. if I instead use:

newman run postman_collection.json --ssl-client-cert cert.crt --ssl-client-key key.pkcs8 client-passphrase passphrase

so Using the key and authorization certificate both separately (cert.crt, key.pkcs8) and not together in a .pfx file, then it executes requests but says that it "Couldnt validate first certificate", so every request returns an error.

How can i fix this?

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You can workaround this using parameter --insecure instead parameters "--ssl-client-cert cert.crt --ssl-client-key key.pkcs8 client-passphrase passphrase"


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