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In Laravel 5 I am trying to install barryvdh/laravel-debugbar. but it is not showing.

I did the following:


composer require barryvdh/laravel-debugbar

Added the following lines to the config/app.php in the providers section


And in the facades list..

'Debugbar' => 'Barryvdh\Debugbar\Facade', Further I execute:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Barryvdh\Debugbar\ServiceProvider"

After that I tried everything in answers to a similar SO question I mentioned at the beginning of this question.

Like enabling debug in .env, enable it in the debugbar.php, clearing config cache with php artisan config:clear

and caching again with

php artisan config:cache

also .. php artisan view:clear;

But the debug bar won't appear?

What could be the reasons?

  • Check your APP_ENV if it is local. Production might be causing the issue. – Ru Chern Chong Jun 26 '17 at 15:14
  • What did you set your environment to in the .env? – Andy Holmes Jun 26 '17 at 15:14
  • some time due to autoload files. Have you tried sudo composer dumpautoload ? – Sagar Gautam Jun 26 '17 at 15:17
  • app environment is local in .env – Ramesh Pareek Jun 26 '17 at 15:19
  • @SagarGautam, though I did a sudo composer dumpautoload, and it did not work, your suggestion was not very good.. It gave a warning not to run composer with root permissions.. – Ramesh Pareek Jun 26 '17 at 15:21

If the dev environment of your laravel project is using the default configuration of Apache for web root directory, make sure the AllowOverride All is set for the web root directory.

<Directory "/var/www/html">
   AllowOverride All 

Restart web service and try reloading the page. The debug bar should be showing up properly.

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