For example in these two following codes:

File("./file1.txt").forEachLine { println(it) }


File("somefile.txt").bufferedWriter().use { out ->
    history.forEach {
        out.write("${it.key}, ${it.value}\n")

In this code what does it mean?


it variable is an implicit parameter in lambda.

One other helpful convention is that if a function literal has only one parameter, its declaration may be omitted (along with the ->), and its name will be it:


Please refer to the following description.

it: implicit name of a single parameter

It's very common that a lambda expression has only one parameter.

If the compiler can figure the signature out itself, it is allowed not to declare the only parameter and omit ->. The parameter will be implicitly declared under the name it:

ints.filter { it > 0 } // this literal is of type '(it: Int) -> Boolean'


val list = listOf(1,2,3,4,5,6,7).filter { it > 2 }
for(i in list){

In this Example, list size is 7. Using it, list size is 5. for loop only check > 2 numbers

size = 5 and output is 3,4,5,6,7

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