This beauty appeared after a recent update, and it is very distracting to me.

Screenshot code view in VS Code. On the right hand side is a very narrow column containing a small version of the code in the main view. There is a red arrow pointing to it, indicating that this is what the OP wants removed.

I searched through the menus, but didn't find any setting to remove it. Is there any way to banish it from the editor?

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    It's called minimap. As of version 1.23.1 you can toggle minimap by menu View > Toggle Minimap – Arnab Das May 23 '18 at 5:55

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This is called the minimap, and, as stated in that link,

If you would like to disable minimap, you can set "editor.minimap.enabled": false in your user or workspace settings.

Once you save the settings file, the minimap will be gone.

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    This should really be a option in the View menu. – Diedre Jun 27 '17 at 17:17
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    Nice work Microsoft! This is an option now in the view menu :) – Bharat Dec 10 '18 at 18:47

Click on "File" -> "Preferences" -> "Settings" After Settings open, in "search settings" or press "Ctrl+f" type "editor.minimap.enabled" this will take you direct to the settings. On left of it edited option will be available right click to it. And set it to "false" After wards you can see the right side pane is hide.


You can also toggle the minimap from the Command Palette. You can go to 'View' and select Command Palette or just Ctrl+Shift+P and type in the word 'minimap', you will instantly get the option to toggle the minimap.

minimap toggle option


While all the answers here will accomplish what the original question asks, they are showing a dated, manual way of hiding the minimap. Current versions of Code have a "Toggle Minimap" item in the View menu, which will hide the minimap without the need to edit anything manually in User Settings.


Oowekyala's answer is correct. I am adding a description with image for better understanding. Here is the number from 1 to 5 that describe the steps. Firstly click on File->Preferences->Settings. Then you will get User Setting page. Next, type "editor.minimap.enabled" in the search box(step-4). you will get setting option. On left of it edited option(step-5) will be available right click to it.

enter image description here


Simply Click F1 a text box will appear search for minimap and select View:Toggle MiniMap

  • I use Ctel+Shift+P only, this F1 + toggle minimap is even simpler,. Great, thanks Ali. – Ravi Shankar Kota Mar 12 '18 at 8:46
  • ctrl+shift+p or F1 both open Preferences, You Welcome – Ali Metwally Sep 24 '18 at 12:31

Go to Preferences->Settings Under text-editor dropdown go to Minimap and there uncheck the enable of a minimap.


From the View menuitem in Visual Code main menu, click on Toggle Minimap

On Windows.

Visual Code version 1.20.1


Here is an easy solution to remove the minimap. Simply right click anywhere on the minimap and select "Scroll Bar Options..." from the right click menu. Then, you will be presented with the scroll bar options section in the options dialog window. On the right side of the dialog window you will see a section named "Behavior". In this subsection, select the radio button for the option called "Use bar mode for vertical scroll bar". Finally press the OK button. This will remove the minimap. If you want to reactivate the minimap, then pull up the scroll bar options window again by right clicking anywhere in the thin scrollbar space and choosing "Scroll Bar Options...". And this time select the radio button that says "Use map mode for vertical scroll bar". I hope this helps.


That view is called Minimap. To toggle, goto:

Toolbar -> View -> Toggle Minimap

On Mac: Code - Preferences - Settings, and in the right panel add the following line:

    "editor.minimap.enabled": false

Please care the commas, this file needs them after each but the last line. (It will warn you if a comma is missing.)

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