I'm new to react and i was learning subclasses from one of Lynda examples. I'm creating a new subcomponent class called aptList and using this.props.eachItem.ownerName to iterate through each index from the JSON file where ownerName is a property.

This is the error i get when i run it in the browser. The data gets fetched but the prop is not getting recognized according to the error

warning on console

however the react console seems to be getting the JSON fine

react console

This is the code as taught on Lynda

var React = require('react');
var ReactDOM = require('react-dom');
var createReactClass = require('create-react-class');

var aptList = createReactClass({
render: function(){
        <li>{ this.props.eachItem.ownerName }</li>

var MainInterface = createReactClass({

   getInitialState: function(){
      return {
        title: 'Items',
        show: function(x){
                return true
            else {
                return false
        myData: []

componentDidMount: function(){

    this.serverRequest = $.getJSON('static/scripts/src/myData.json', function(results){
        var tempData = results;
            myData: tempData

componentWillUnmount: function(){

render: function(){

    var style = {
        color: 'red',
        fontWeight: 900

    var reactData = this.state.myData;
    reactData = reactData.map(function (each, index) {
        return (
            <aptList eachItem = { each }
                     key = { index }/>

    return (
            <h1>{ this.state.show(12) ? 'List of ':null }{ this.state.title }</h1>
            <ul style={style}>
                { reactData }

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    It's an "industry standard" that component names are capitalised, otherwise react thinks that it's dealing with an HTML tag and checks for allowed attributes.
    – Foxhoundn
    Jun 27, 2017 at 11:41

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Rename aptList to AptList.

Otherwise React considers aptList to be a native html component and will trigger warnings for unknown HTML properties.

See the link in the exception message:

  1. You are using a React component without an upper case. React interprets it as a DOM tag because ...

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