What are the differences between jspdf's methods addHTML() and fromHTML()? Documentation only has info for the first one.

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This issue on GitHub doesn't mention specific differences between the two but does say that they are separate plugins with similar goals.

From the issue:

Existing jsPDF plugins

Hi, I've been working on a new html2pdf package that uses html2canvas + jsPDF to convert HTML content to PDF. I know there are already three existing jsPDF plugins for HTML: addHTML, fromHTML, and html2pdf (same name). I don't want to step on any toes - from what I can tell:

  • fromHTML is the oldest plugin and renders the HTML directly to PDF (which is great), but its support for complex HTML/CSS is lacking.
  • addHTML is newer (but now deprecated) and uses html2canvas/rasterizeHTML to create a canvas, then puts the image onto the PDF page. Current state is described at #944.
  • html2pdf: I haven't found much info (apart from the demo), but it looks like it renders directly to PDF like fromHTML, which again is great but runs the risk of poor HTML/CSS support.

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