I have some apps published in my android developer account. Some of them are released as closed Beta, where I use lists of users to give them use permissions. Now I have some lists that are old and I don't need them anymore.

The question is: how can I delete (if possible) that lists? I know how to edit them, add and remove users from them, but how to completely delete a list?

I know it sounds easy, but I can't find the way. Maybe someone at Google forgot to put a "delete" button... because more people are asking for it or maybe I just can't find it. It's a bit annoying because all my apps share that lists so then I have to select among many useless lists.

Thanks in advance.


Finally I found a way to reuse a tester list.

  • Open your developer console
  • Click "settings" at the bottom in the left navigation bar
  • Now, again in the left navigation bar the second item from bottom reads "manage testers"
  • If you "edit" a list in this view, you can at least change the name of the list
  • This is the way to reuse existing lists

I know, this is not the same as a "delete" of a list, but if you just rename a no-longer-used list and fill it with new names it's quite the same. you can rename your currently not-in-use lists to start with zzz or something to have them at the bottom of the list.

Hope this helps! Cheers

  • Thank you. Was looking for this for some time. – EmcLIFT Apr 26 '18 at 9:52
  • Great! Thanks :). – sjkm Apr 28 at 10:00
  • June 2019 and this is still an issue.. Thanks! – Zion Perez Jun 18 at 10:55

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