I want to write first 5 lines to a hdfs file through spark code

sc.textFile("hdfs://localhost:8020/user/hadoop/data-master/retail_db/products/part-00000").map( rec => ( rec.split(",")(4).toDouble, rec )).sortByKey(false).map(_._2)

Here we can use saveAsTextFile API, But it's an action while we need to limit rows through transformations.


You can use limit function to get selected n first rows

def limit(n: Int): Dataset[T]

Returns a new Dataset by taking the first n rows. The difference between this function and head is that head is an action and returns an array (by triggering query execution) while limit returns a new Dataset.

yourDF.limit(5)  // takes the first 5 rows

If you want to take first 5 rows as an array then you can use take function


Hope this helps!

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