Does anyone have a more elaborate example of heterogeneous rendering in SectionLists?

  sections={[ // heterogeneous rendering between sections
      {data: [...], key: ..., renderItem: ...},
      {data: [...], key: ..., renderItem: ...},
      {data: [...], key: ..., renderItem: ...},

Help much appreciated!


Here is an example snippet of how I've been able to implement the heterogeneous rendering for SectionLists

So this is what my sectionsData array looks like

const sectionsData = { key: 'On Air', data: onAirShows, renderItem: ({item}) => <View><Text>{item}</Text></View> //This is what you want this particular section to look like }, { key: 'Off Air', data: offAirShows, renderItem: this._renderOffAirItems //Same thing for here. You can define it as a helper method and call it here like so }

<SectionList data={sectionsData} />

NOTE: The onAirShows and offAirShows is an array

  • In the above example if there is no data coming from JSON to 2nd section How do i render sections dynamically? – Samson Maben Dec 22 '17 at 13:58

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