If I move RSA to the top of the list, why don't I see the ssh-rsa 2048 key instead of the ssh-ed25519 256 key.

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It shows: WinSCP shows: ssh-ed25519 256 ff:2e:5e:33:7a:15:de:69:18:cf:82:ae:f0:4e:7b:d2 (when I click "Session", then "Server/Protocol Information"). Is this thumbprint not related to the above key exchange algorithm options?

This is a follow-up to this thread that I started: Convert Ed25519 to RSA fingerprint (or how to find SSH fingerprint)


Key exchange algorithm and host key algorithm are different things.

WinSCP does not have a configuration option to select host key algorithm.

WinSCP 5.13 has a hidden session settings HostKey to configure the host key type priority:

Alternatively, you can configure site with preferred host key algorithm in PuTTY and import the site to WinSCP.

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