I am trying to extract data from html document with XML package. I go as following:

parse<-htmlParse(file = "jdwaz.html",encoding = "GBK")

then class(a) returns "XMLNodeSet", its content looks like this in txt file

<div class="amount">
                    <span>总额 ¥113.80</span> <br /><span class="ftx-13">在线支付</span>

<div class="amount">
                    <span>总额 ¥99.00</span> <br /><span class="ftx-13">在线支付</span>

I only show 2 of 20 of "a"

class(a[1]) returns "list" I want to get the content "总额 ¥99.00". I found one method in r - xpathApply on XMLNodeSet (with XML package) It uses xmlvalue to get text like:

x <- xpathApply(y, "//table/tr")
sapply(x,xmlValue)          ## it a list of nodes..
 " Test1.1  Test1.2 " " Test1.3  Test1.4 "

but it doesn't fit my situation. When I enter xmlvalue(a),it returns:

Error in UseMethod("xmlValue") : no applicable method for 'xmlValue' applied to an object of class "XMLNodeSet"

I didn't find suitable method to deal with XMLNodeSet-class. HELP!

  • @Zelbinian I found you asked question which is relevant to my question, I wonder whether you can help me – listen Jun 28 '17 at 3:16

To query an XML node set, use a leading "." so its relative to the current node. Since you have two span tags, get the one without the class attribute.

sapply(a, function(x) xpathSApply(x, ".//span[not(@class)]", xmlValue)) #OR
sapply(a, xpathSApply, ".//span[not(@class)]", xmlValue)
[1] "总额 ¥113.80" "总额 ¥99.00" 
  • thanks a lot, i use /span/text() to get the content between a pair of tags. now i have a new question, i use xmlGetAttr to get content in <> for example, <td data-nick=“淘票票”...........> the content i want is in Chinese, then R returns the content in wrong words. i guess it is because of the encoding way, but there’s no relevant set inxmlGetAttr function. Sad…. – listen Jul 4 '17 at 10:36
  • I found iconv function, it helps with the encoding problem! – listen Jul 4 '17 at 12:49

I am using rvest package for scrapping data from webpage and have run into similar problem as you.

In rvest, you get data via html_nodes(read_html(url), css) to get xml nodeset similar to your a. I learned a quick way to extract content from xml nodesets via a simple function html_text(). To use it, you wrap html_text() around the xml nodeset.

Assuming the following example to get company name based on its domain:

url <- 'https://who.is/whois/gmail.com' 
webpage <- read_html(url)
a <- html_nodes(webpage,'.col-md-7')
a[1] # returns the long xml nodeset
html_text(a) # converts the xml into vector with content extracted
html_text(a)[2] # gives you the company name

It looks like rvest is a popular package for web data scrapping and there's a lot of help resources on it as well.

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