I'm using the latest version of Atlassian SourceTree for Windows,, with Git.

By default in SourceTree, a Git merge operation that results in a merge conflict pops up an alert dialog like this:

SourceTree Merge Conflicts alert


If you check the box for "Don't ask me again", how do you later re-enable these Merge Conflict alerts?

What I've Tried

  • SourceTree's settings GUI, in the Tools menu > Options.
  • SourceTree's config file: %LocalAppData%\SourceTree\app-\SourceTree.exe.config, for which I did a before-and-after Diff: No changes.
  • Any other config/ini/xml/json/etc files in %LocalAppData%\SourceTree\app-\ or subfolders (log4net had some)
  • Anything in %LocalAppData%\SourceTree-Settings. Only an empty log file there.
  • The Registry. Doesn't look like Atlassian stores settings under HKLM/Software or HKCU/Software, and a search for "MergeConflict" turned up nothing relevant.
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Found it! Although the SourceTree.exe is in %LocalAppData%\SourceTree\app-\, the config file it uses is%LocalAppData%\Atlassian\SourceTree.exe_Url_st3ep4nxaste3ioklih3k2gbvcxfuqlh\\user.config


Inside that XML file is a node like

<setting name="SuppressConflictsWarning" serializeAs="String">

Exit SourceTree, change the above True to False, save it and restart SourceTree.

If you've had several versions of SourceTree on your PC, you may have several gibberish-named folders inside %LocalAppData%\Atlassian\. Each one contains a single folder, which is named for a SourceTree version (one had a folder, another had a folder, etc.). In my case, was the latest version, so I edited the user.config in that one and it worked.

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    For the latest version (3.0.12) of SourceTree the setting is under %LocalAppData%\SourceTree\app-3.0.12\SourceTree.exe.config file – Morpheus Feb 4 '19 at 16:25

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