Here are the environment details:

I've one Azure SQL Databases V12 and another local DB SQL Server 2016. I've enabled Always Encrypted on a table in the first DB - DB1. The same table structure is also created and i need to migrate the encrypted data from first DB to second DB.

When I try to export data from DB1 to DB2 I am getting error

"Creating destination for Encrypted source is not supported".

The error is because the CMK and CEK that were used to encrypt DB 1 is in Azure-Key-vault. The export tool never gave an option to access key-vault.

How do I migrate the data from DB1 to DB2?

  • instead of saying db1 and db2 use correct terms like azure db and localdb ,also can you provide total error along with repro steps on how you are doing it – TheGameiswar Jun 29 '17 at 14:35

@G_Tania: which import/export tool, are you trying to use? I understand, you want to use a local certificate in your target database (not the column master key stored in Azure Key Vault), correct? Do you also want to replace the column encryption key (CEK), or do you want to keep the original CEK?

In general, there are two kinds of out-of-the-box tools that support migrating databases using Always Encrypted, each of which supports different scenarios:

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