I am supporting an ember site that was build by someone else. The frontend is Emberjs with a Drupal 7 backend.

The site has a user profile where they can enter a bio. The initial bio entry is fine, but if the user edits the profile (changes some other field for example) but does not change the bio text, then it saves something like <p>My bio</p>as the value of the field where the html tags are saved as text.

The component.js for the form has this in it:

bodyChanged(newValue) {
  this.get('profile').set('bio', newValue);

Suspecting this is the culprit but not sure what to do to fix.


  • include the component.hbs code too – Ember Freak Jun 29 '17 at 18:17

I found the problem. My deserializing function that sucks in the drupal json was using json[fieldName]['und'][0]['safe_value']; as the value. When I switched it to use the json[fieldName]['und'][0]['value']; the problem went away.

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