OS X has useful PDF workflow functions such as "Mail PDF" and "Save as PDF...". I often need to attach a PDF export of a document to an existing draft mail message or other document. In these cases "Mail PDF" doesn't work as it creates a new blank mail message each time.

The way I do this currently is to save the document as a PDF and then attach the intermediate file. I would like to achieve the same without dealing with the intermediate file.

I would like a workflow that allows me to print the current document as PDF and copy it to the clipboard.

I tried to create a workflow using Automator and pbcopy, but pbcopy can't be told that the stream of bytes is of type PDF.


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Use AppleScript instead:

on open PDF_file
    set the clipboard to PDF_file as «class furl»
end open

Save it in Application format as something like ~/Library/PDF Services/Copy PDF to clipboard.app, and you should be set.


Graphic Clipboard (from snip taken with shift-control-command-4 in macOs Sierra):

  1. Open Preview and
  2. Edit>New from Clipboard (or just command N). Voilá - it appears in Preview
  3. Save or Print from Preview

Text Clipboard (taken from highlighting and command-c)

  1. Open Pages, the macOs word processor
  2. Open a Blank Document
  3. Paste in your clipboard (command-v)
  4. Save or print

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