I have a private github remote repo for my organization.

I had full access to it under the github account aaaa and had been using it.

Recently, I had to switch my github account so I removed aaaa from the list of users on the remote repo and added my new account bbbb.

Now when I locally try to git pull or anything else with the remote, I get the error

remote: Repository not found.
fatal: repository xxxxurl not found

I looked at github documentation and I think it is happening because locally I'm still identified as aaaa when I try to connect to the remote repo. Is there any way to make the remote repo think that I am bbbb, my new account, whenever I try to push/pull to the remote from local?

FYI I registered by ssh public key for the account but it still doesn't work.


the problem was solved by changing the url of the remote repo.

before it was just


i changed it to


using the command

git remote set-url remotename newurl(above)

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