Why do I get the yellow triangular warnings in the LHS margin in RStudio when using packages like dplyr? When I begin to use my current version of RStudio (1.0.136) there are no warnings. Then I start to code, mistype something, and a whole bunch of the yellow triangles appear. Yet if I restart RStudio, I begin again with none.

no symbol named X in scope

Is there a way to suppress and/or prevent this?


Those are code diagnostics, designed to help you catch errors and fix them. You can turn them off if they are annoying and cumbersome.

Here is a link that discusses these features of the IDE and how to change them:



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    Thanks for the link to the Help page; this sentence was particularly helpful: "Toggle this if your code makes heavy use of non-standard evaluation, and RStudio is unable to produce correct diagnostics for you.". Because I use a lot of NSE, I think I may turn these warnings off. – hackR Jun 30 '17 at 14:18

Please try to execute that function associated with variable outside explicitely so that one global variable will be generated named "site_os_id".

hist( AGE, col = " Dark Grey")

while executing above statement I got error as "No symbol named AGE in scope". Then I executed this statement AGE <- hc$AGE and then again same above query works.

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To get rid of the warnings, you can trick RStudio as follows:

# Source and define variables to prevent code diagnostic warnings

if (FALSE) {
  variable1 <- NULL
  variable2 <- NULL
  # etc.
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