5 a

5 b

5 c

4 d

6 t

1 f

7 h

5 i

6 j

5 k

output 1:

5 b

6 t

5 k

Output 2 contains the remaining values

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You can use shuf to generate random permutations of the file and then use split to generate the two files:

shuf input | split -l $(( $(wc -l <input) * 70 / 100 ))

The default prefix for split is x, so after running the command you should have two files: xaa (70%), and xab (remaining 30%).

You can control the output files for the split command:

-a, --suffix-length=N   generate suffixes of length N (default 2)
  --additional-suffix=SUFFIX  append an additional SUFFIX to file names.
-d, --numeric-suffixes[=FROM]  use numeric suffixes instead of alphabetic.
                               FROM changes the start value (default 0).

So you can use this:

shuf input | split -a1 -d -l $(( $(wc -l <input) * 70 / 100 )) - output

Which will generate output0 (70%), and output1 (remaining 30%).


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