I'm running a Server-sent Event (SSE) server over Ingress/Kubernetes/GoogleCloud and it works like a charm. I can run SSE clients over the web and they connect perfectly, start receiving events with no problem.

But there's one ugly bug I can't get it work right, on Chrome browsers after some time I get net::ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error. No matter how many times I run it, I always get it after a few seconds/minutes.

If I run the same client over Firefox, nothing wrongs happens. If I run it using cURL over terminal, nothing wrong happens.

If I decide to run if over Chrome without HTTPS, it works! I'm only getting it when running it through HTTPS and on a Chrome browser.

Has anyone encountered this before? Seems like a ugly bug for me.


I'm having the same problem but it's sporadic.

From the Chromium project source code: OnNetworkChanged will be called when a change occurs to the host computer's hardware or software that affects the route network packets take to any network server. Some examples:

  1. A network connection becoming available or going away. For example plugging or unplugging an Ethernet cable, WiFi or cellular modem connecting or disconnecting from a network, or a VPN tunnel being established or taken down.
  2. An active network connection's IP address changes.

  3. A change to the local IP routing tables.

Hope it helps

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