I have a template, named user.html, w/ this line of code:

<p>Member since {{ moment(user.member_since).format('L') }}. Last seen {{ moment(user.last_seen).fromNow() }}.</p>

Which renders the following page:

enter image description here

It looks like it's not rendering anything, yet looking at the source code of that same page:

enter image description here

...I can see my timestamps between tags.

My question is: What is stopping the browser from displaying my timestamp in the browser?

Things to consider:

  • I'm using Flask-Moment==0.5.1 (pulled straight from pip freeze command)
  • I'm pulling the timestamp from a PostgreSQL database (image below)
  • I'm following the Flask Web Development book, by Miguel Grinberg (pulled code straight from there)
  • I've already checked the Flask-Moment github page and the moment.js documentation and found no answer to this question.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated!

Timestamp registry in table

enter image description here

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Found the answer to my question:

The template that needs to use Flask-Moment needs to contain the following lines:

{{ moment.include_jquery() }}
{{ moment.include_moment() }}

This wasn't in the book, yet I found the reference in the The Flask Mega-Tutorial, by the same author:


  • It should be mentioned that these directives need to be in the block containing the use of Moment.js. Putting them at the top-level did nothing for me. Commented Mar 8, 2021 at 19:25

The times are not displayed as the is style='display: none;' in the tag. This will tell the browser to not display the tag. I don't know where it's comming from, but you should change it to style='display: inline;'.

  • 1
    Interesting. You do raise an excellent point. I'll see if I can find the origin of said style. Changing the style directly in the browser shows the corresponding timestamp.
    – Xanagandr
    Commented Jul 1, 2017 at 19:13

flask-moment requires your flask app to have access to both jquery.com and cloudflare.com. Make sure your browser extensions are not blocking access to external domains or you might see the same issue. Not that I'd ever do something so dumb. :-]

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